Where to Start with Social Media

Why it’s important for Small Businesses to Avoid Impersonal Social Marketing If you are a local business, professional or nonprofit organization social media marketing is one thing that you will want to get right into. Figuring out how to approach this highly trendy advertising strategy can be mind boggling. More often than not, the pressure to jump head-first into the social media multi-platform dashboard world can seem irresistible. In fact, one of the first things my clients will ask is,…

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The Organic Business of Keeping a Website Alive

Each Website Design is Unique I love working directly with my clients to create custom website designs that work. It’s amazing to see how a new website unfolds for someone who has never had a website before. It’s also rewarding to see the reaction of someone who has been limping along with an inadequate website for too long, seemingly surprised that so much information can be conveyed in such an effective way. It’s almost magical. I suspect the satisfaction I…

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Pro Site Development for Less

New super affordable websites for clients that qualify Due to the popularity of this offer, Super Affordable Websites for small businesses is now open to all small businesses, nonprofits and healthcare professionals that qualify. Nonprofits qualify for additional $50 discount! My Super Affordable Website offer works for people who provide a service and don’t need a lot of content to get the point across. This website design offer is meant to be as quick and painless as possible while providing…

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Marketing Tips for Healthcare Providers

Marketing for HealthCare Providers — Brand Recognition With a small practice or clinic, it is important to think about a target demographic. Consider who needs the healthcare services you provide, and where can you find and then connect with them in meaningful ways. The first element in medical branding is creating a unique logo that represents what you do and resonates with your practice. This is the beginning of all of your marketing materials, from brochures to website, newsletter, email…

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Recent Projects and Never-ending Ad Designs

It seems like there’s never enough to write about and little to share to a post but today when we finally sent this last project to the presses, it seemed appropriate to share. BEND HEALTH GUIDE This project started out as design for a few advertisers, then more advertisers then … the entire layout and design. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I’ll share the cover here and link it to where you can see the full flip…

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