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Why content creation and news is so important for your website

Why your website needs to be newsy

This bird has nothing to do with my article.
Do you have some news for me?

Good Relationships And Engagements

There are ways to connect with your website visitors by adding new content to your news feed (blog - a word I avoid for professional websites). By posing questions and asking for feedback at the end of the article - and leaving your news open to comments can help to create new and inspired communication with your audience. By responding to comments and feedback you not only develop a good rapport with with commenters, you also influence other visitors by highlighting your expertise and availability.

Reputation, Content Creation and News

With any business building trust and familiarity is paramount to gaining new clients, customers, supporters. Providing relevant, unique and high quality content aimed at addressing your audiences needs and concerns, on a regular basis, helps to do just that. Offering solutions in advance of a relationship, will also help to increase the customer conversion rates on your website. This in turn adds a competitive edge for you with other reputed companies in your field.

Maximizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone talks about search engine optimization, but few of my clients really know what that means. Ultimately it's all about fresh content (aka content creation and news). One of the best ways of rising to the top of the search engine results page is to commit to creating new content, at least weekly, if not bi-weekly. Search engines like Google love to see new content on your website, and this new content will provide support for improving your website rankings and drive much needed targeted traffic to your products and services.

Branding - What's it all about?

Branding is like a cool tattoo on the business of your life.

Adding weekly or bi-weekly news to your website is a good way of making your business stand out to your virtual online audience. It also provides a way for you to convey product or service details to people you might not otherwise be able to reach. When you commit to adding news on a regular basis, your website visitors become accustomed to visiting your site for news. Over time, these visitors naturally become more aware of your brand, and as the familiarity grows these folks are more likely to become your permanent customers.

Spread the word

One of the best things about adding weekly news articles every week, is that it automatically creates opportunities to share with your fans, followers, current clients, and others. The news that is uploaded to your website can be shared via emails, social media networks, Google news feeds, news wires, like-minded communities and more, which can help to make up your most valuable marketing tools. By sharing your news you build reputation and credibility.

You need News (content creation and news)

Weekly or bi-weekly news articles are one of the most effective forms of marketing strategy. It provides almost unlimited opportunity for positive exposure and give small businesses and practices the perfect opportunity to highlight and share their expertise. I hear from my clients that like many businesses they are much too busy to generate weekly or bi-weekly news. This is where I point them to the importance of hiring a good content writer who can create unique and engaging content. That's where I come in ... as part of my ongoing website maintenance program I offer weekly or bi-weekly news updates tailored to each client's expertise and specialty. To learn more visit my Content Creation page or use my contact form to send me a note describing your need.

Effortless Medical Marketing for Small Practices

Medical Marketing Services for Oregon Providers

As online visibility continues to be one of the most important elements in marketing a small practice, it's important for doctors and healthcare providers to embrace the technology from the start. Consumers now have immediate access to more information than ever before. As a result, choosing a doctor is much less a guessing game for patients. In most cases, when a new patient walks into a clinic they already knows more about that practice than the staff or doctor may realize. When choosing a physician today, patients have a wealth of information right at their fingertips and a practice's online presence carries a lot of weight in determining who a patient chooses for a doctor. Below is a list of marketing tips aimed at new and small office practices. Locking in these simple aspects of smart digital marketing for medical practices will help ensure your success.

Brand Building

With a small practice or clinic, it is important to think about a target demographic. Who needs your services and where can you connect with them? The most important element in branding is a unique logo that represents what you do – this is the beginning of all of your marketing materials, from brochures to website, newsletter, email marketing, social media conversation and more. Once you have this element it will be effortless to foster image recognition in your community.

Medical Marketing with the Right Website

These days small practices cannot survive without a website. It’s the one thing that can give you a leg up on much of the competition. A well-designed website is an invaluable tool for reaching new patients, enhancing the patient experience, establishing your practice and you as a healthcare provider an authority in your field. With the right website you can even reducing the amount of time office staff spends scheduling appointments and giving directions.

Be Newsworthy (aka ‘blogging’)

Many businesses make the mistake of building a website and then not maintaining the ‘new’ vibe. By creating fresh content, you will not only boost your search ranking and reach new customers, you also connect directly with patients and keep them up-to-date on your practice.

Get Social

Social media in general has a mind-blowing following, particularly when you consider that Facebook recorded 2.196 billion monthly active users for the just the first quarter of 2018. Obviously not all of those people are in your service area, but with that big of an audience it’s one of the best places to meet new potential clients. Other social media platforms to consider for medical marketing purposes besides Facebook is Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram, and more. The magic happens when your patients share or “like” your posts, their social circle will automatically see their reaction or comment. This is called ‘organic’ reach and at it can help create valuable new leads.

Online Reviews

Positive reviews on Healthgrades, Vitals, Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, and other review sites inevitably reach prospective patients who are looking for a new provider. You may not be able to remove or delete a negative comment but it’s important to take the time to respond to reviews, whether positive or negative with an original, short, and neutral message. Not only is that patient reading your response, the whole world is watching. Respectful responses to a negative review will serve your practice in very positive and potentially beneficial ways, helping to boost your medical marketing strategy. On the other hand, generous responses made to positive comments only help to solidify your professionalism and support the commentary.

Local Business Directories

Online directories enable patients to identify and connect with prospective healthcare providers and will help you develop your medical marketing range, grow your online presence and get discovered. This includes Chamber of Commerce and other business directories.

All of the above is important and imperative practices for healthcare professionals to consider and to take action on. Dhyzen Digital Marketing has a handle on every one of these approaches and can help you take your practice to the next level. We've been doing medical marketing for several years and we know the importance of having someone on your team who can navigate  and deploy online resources in your favor.  Contact us for more information and to explore the possibilities. We're happy to schedule a personal consultation at your convenience.


Just out of the box: New WordPress Website Design Project

Contact me for URL info.

Contact me for URL.

Highlight of Features

  • 100% New Content
  • Functioning & Interactive Theme
  • Fully Featured Services
  • Integrated Payment Option
  • Redesigned Forms & Policies
  • New Logo Design
  • Enhanced SEO, Google Console, Site Map, etc.
  • Mobile Application
  • Custom CMS
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Security Enhancements
  • SSL Certification
  • News Feed
  • Optimized HQ Images

New WordPress Website Story

Dr. Jenny Holland, Psy, D. -- Overview of Website Design Project


Dr. Jenny Holland was referred to me by JB Communications. Her primary concerns involved her stagnant and old-school Wix website that literally turned new clients away. Upon investigation I discovered serious content issues, visibility problems and negative image impact due to how the content sorely misrepresented her professionally.


The goal with this new WordPress website design project was to completely demolish the old platform and start fresh with WordPress - to give her a more worthy persona and to redesign her online image as a professional and leader in her field. Hoping to make a smooth transition using the old content I quickly discovered that there really was no old content, so it was going to be a matter of starting from square one. Dr. Holland wanted to represented her practice and clearly describe her services but with a serious case of writer's block and no access to anything other than a phone, this task ended up on my desk.

In addition to re-marketing and rebranding her practice website we also needed to get her social media up-to-speed and setup some new platforms for reaching potential new clients. Of course integrating social media links and platforms, enhancing SEO on the website and making it easy for visitors to contact her was also at the top of the list. My goal included utilizing a news blog in order to bring attention to her practice and get people flowing to her website.


While this new WordPress website design project is still fresh out of the box, but analytics suggests that all of our tick marks are being hit even in just the first week. With having to generate, write, edit and design more than 15 new pages, plus add new news items -- this was not small undertaking. But the result speak for themselves. The website is visually attractive, easily navigable and all of the features are designed to make visitor experience more rewarding -- both for the visitor and for Dr. Holland.

In addition, I have worked above and beyond to give Dr. Holland the professional persona she was after, now it's up to her to carry the ball forward as new clients contact her for services. Early feedback from visitors suggests that the new searching capabilities and improved navigation provide a more enjoyable overall user experience.


This new WordPress website design project is by no means complete. There is still tons of work to do with Dr. Holland's social media presence and there will be much effort involved with marketing her services locally (Santa Rosa, California). There will also be ongoing work to the website content as we go forward, as I'm sure it will take time to fine-tune it to her services and practice model. But for now, this is a promising launch that looks to generate many new clients for Dr. Holland.

Where to Start with Social Media

Avoiding Impersonal Social Media Marketing

Why it’s important for Small Businesses to Avoid Impersonal Social Marketing

If you are a local business, professional or nonprofit organization social media marketing is one thing that you will want to get right into. Figuring out how to approach this highly trendy advertising strategy can be mind boggling. More often than not, the pressure to jump head-first into the social media multi-platform dashboard world can seem irresistible. In fact, one of the first things my clients will ask is, “Do you use Hootsuite or Spout?” without having a real idea for how these media platforms perform.

My feeling about multi-sharing platforms is;

  • They can be expensive (many require a monthly buy-in)
  • Multi-posting removes you from your community (taking the ‘social’ out of social media)
  • Followers don’t like being obviously ‘marketed’ to (causing you to lose followers due to boredom and lack of interest)
  • People can smell an advertising scheme a mile away
  • If your aim is to constantly share posts about what you’re selling with barking and repetitive come-ons, you may not get the results you’re anticipating

Depending on the social media account being posted to, when you don’t follow up with a personal visit to that site, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your community (cheating yourself out of person-to-person and business-to-community marketing potential). With a small business it may not be necessary to implement a new page on every social media platform out there. It’s important to be selective about social media platforms and chose them based on the reach potential. It’s good to evaluate before jumping in, to get a feel for where your next client might be hanging out.

Where to start with social media marketing

Social media marketing hacks are all over the place, and easy to search up. In fact, I looked up multi-sharing platforms before writing this article and got completely bogged down in trial offers that were hard to click away from, I think I lost an hour of my life in the process.

My suggestion to small business clients is to keep it simple, with an eye on the personal connection (hence ‘social’ marketing). There is a real value to social media marketing that you won’t find in other marketing projects like print media, radio, television or email marketing. The best kind of social media marketing occurs when you can generate a conversation, and this only happens when you authentically monitor and connect with your community.

Where to Start Your Social Media

There are a ton of social platforms out there at any given time, but it’s important to start off with the basics. So, for most folks that means Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (if you have videos to share). These are the main platforms to share your content with, and they are easily setup and managed from a computer other digital device. Once these platforms are running smoothly, you can move onto other platforms.

Although it has classically catered to the younger crowd, Instagram is something that’s coming more and more into the forefront for all age groups. This fact makes it one of the platforms that needs to be taken more seriously. It works particularly well when a business routinely shares photos and/or if they have someone on staff who can create quality Instagram visual messages (usually a visual image containing a short message).

LinkedIn is another social platform that is working hard to be more relevant in the marketing scene. Originally launched as a way for professionals to connect with other professionals and/or to discover career opportunities, LinkedIn has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. The content shared by users now very rarely has anything to do with job openings. With a news feed that looks more like your standard Facebook feed, LinkedIn can be a good place to include weekly news posts. It's the best place to capture the attention of professionals and business management types that you might not be able to reach on other platforms. The only way you can do this however, is from a personal account (vs. a business account).

LinkedIn also has group and business-specific sections where you can post news, but honestly, I find those to be a drag to deal with – difficult to post content and hard to get attention, and something that seldom generates marketable interest. Hoping to capture some of the advertising dollars people spend on other platforms, LinkedIn does seem to be working to upgrade this experience. It might eventually have more to offer in this area at some point.

Putting the ‘Simple’ back in Social Media Marketing

Okay, so now we return to the notion of keeping social media marketing simple. What some businesses may not realize is that it’s fairly easy to coordinate multi-platform social sharing from a WordPress dashboard. In other words, when you write and publish an article from your website, it can be setup to automatically post to a wide selection of publishing and social media platforms (including most everything mentioned here). And, posts to Facebook can then be boosted directly to Instagram, and to their messenger app (if you chose).

Then, to keep it personal, I recommend small businesses follow an automatically generated post with a weekly check-in to their social media accounts. This makes it possible to style the post to better meet your objectives, and to recruit new followers (a necessary and never-ending task), reply to comments, and boost as budget allows. As a small business this process should take less than an hour a week.

The Organic Business of Keeping a Website Alive

Consciously Creating Websites Since 2007

Each Website Design is Unique

I love working directly with my clients to create custom website designs that work. It’s amazing to see how a new website unfolds for someone who has never had a website before. It’s also rewarding to see the reaction of someone who has been limping along with an inadequate website for too long, seemingly surprised that so much information can be conveyed in such an effective way. It’s almost magical.

I suspect the satisfaction I get from this process has something to do with how I operate in the dimension of digital design, and I mean that exactly. When you spend so much time virtually connecting with people in this otherwise invisible world we call the Internet, eventually you begin to appreciate that it truly is a dimension all its own.

Recently while working with a client, showing her how to make changes though the WordPress dashboard, and giving her a glimpse of how visitors will experience the services and projects featured on each section – I found myself saying that her unique website design comes alive for her website visitor. And really, it is! It might not be alive in the sense that say your dog is alive. You don’t have to put special item on your grocery list to keep it healthy, nor do you have cleanup after it, or take it for a walk in the park every day.

Bringing Your Website to Life

Every well-made website is alive in the sense that it does interact with the world in very specific ways. A website design that considers its virtual impact on visitors before it is created can become capable of ‘touching’ people and drawing them in to search for more, hopefully leaving them satisfied before they click away on some other virtual pursuit. This, in the same way that a bad website is capable of confusing or ‘repelling’ visitors. When a website evokes positive emotion, you know that what you’re seeing in the nondimensional world of the Internet is well, alive.

Although it may not be physically ‘alive’ you do have to ‘feed’ a website regularly – in that; in order to keep visitors coming back to your website – it needs to be fed new content on a regular basis. And although you don’t have to pick up various unpleasant smelling leavings with a website, you do need to constantly work to keep the old content fresh and vital, and occasionally you’ll need to scoop up content that’s no longer relevant and give it a toss in the virtual trash. Also, a website needs to be kept ‘alive’ so that it doesn’t fade out over time, becoming stagnate and irrelevant. This is accomplished by generating interesting new content, photos and artwork, and by keeping new information at the top, and interacting with site visitors whenever possible.

Website Designs for Success

A consciously created website speaks to visitors in unique ways. It’s well thought out to convey a specific intent, and it clearly and immediately shares certain information in such a way that people are effortlessly directed to the answers they may be seeking. People either respond to a website’s message or they don’t. A website designer has done a good job of conveying the message for the site owner when people are drawn in by the visuals and compelled to take a moment to read the content – whether or not they may be invested in the message, product or service.

Interested in exploring your new website design options? Fill out my contact form and send me a note today!