Another successful Super Affordable Website

Another successful Super Affordable Website

The goal with this website was to create a design and navigation system that highlights the organization’s core message while validating their expertise and the work they do in the community, both visually and with written content. As a struggling small nonprofit with a number of bumps in the road in their past, they wanted to get online in a big way and make a positive first impression with visitors.

The Organic Business of Keeping a Website Alive

The Organic Business of Keeping a Website Alive

Consciously Creating Websites Since 2007

Each Website Design is Unique

I love working directly with my clients to create custom website designs that work. It’s amazing to see how a new website unfolds for someone who has never had a website before. It’s also rewarding to see the reaction of someone who has been limping along with an inadequate website for too long, seemingly surprised that so much information can be conveyed in such an effective way. It’s almost magical.

I suspect the satisfaction I get from this process has something to do with how I operate in the dimension of digital design, and I mean that exactly. When you spend so much time virtually connecting with people in this otherwise invisible world we call the Internet, eventually you begin to appreciate that it truly is a dimension all its own.

Recently while working with a client, showing her how to make changes though the WordPress dashboard, and giving her a glimpse of how visitors will experience the services and projects featured on each section – I found myself saying that her unique website design comes alive for her website visitor. And really, it is! It might not be alive in the sense that say your dog is alive. You don’t have to put special item on your grocery list to keep it healthy, nor do you have cleanup after it, or take it for a walk in the park every day.

Bringing Your Website to Life

Every well-made website is alive in the sense that it does interact with the world in very specific ways. A website design that considers its virtual impact on visitors before it is created can become capable of ‘touching’ people and drawing them in to search for more, hopefully leaving them satisfied before they click away on some other virtual pursuit. This, in the same way that a bad website is capable of confusing or ‘repelling’ visitors. When a website evokes positive emotion, you know that what you’re seeing in the nondimensional world of the Internet is well, alive.

Although it may not be physically ‘alive’ you do have to ‘feed’ a website regularly – in that; in order to keep visitors coming back to your website – it needs to be fed new content on a regular basis. And although you don’t have to pick up various unpleasant smelling leavings with a website, you do need to constantly work to keep the old content fresh and vital, and occasionally you’ll need to scoop up content that’s no longer relevant and give it a toss in the virtual trash. Also, a website needs to be kept ‘alive’ so that it doesn’t fade out over time, becoming stagnate and irrelevant. This is accomplished by generating interesting new content, photos and artwork, and by keeping new information at the top, and interacting with site visitors whenever possible.

Website Designs for Success

A consciously created website speaks to visitors in unique ways. It’s well thought out to convey a specific intent, and it clearly and immediately shares certain information in such a way that people are effortlessly directed to the answers they may be seeking. People either respond to a website’s message or they don’t. A website designer has done a good job of conveying the message for the site owner when people are drawn in by the visuals and compelled to take a moment to read the content – whether or not they may be invested in the message, product or service.

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Major Reasons you need a working website


1. Visibility

A well-designed website is a great way to instill confidence and present your business in the best light to as many people as possible. In this day and age, customers expect you to have a website, and your competitors are very likely already on the Internet and actively growing their customer base as a result. It is important to keep up and to use the Internet to reach your wider community of potential customers.

2. Your Website is Open 24/7

Unlike most businesses who offer limited weekday hours a website is virtually open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Being on the web makes it convenient for anyone to read about your products and services anytime, anywhere.

3. Your Website is always relevant

If you own a business, you already know how expensive and time consuming it is to create and update printed handouts like brochures, newsletters and fliers. Website content is easier, cheaper and quicker to create and update than anything that needs to printed and distributed. Your online capacities are practically limitless so your ability to communicate with current and potential customers by providing comprehensive information instantly is unmatched and more accurate than anything you can do in print. Plus, by providing brochures, handouts and fliers as downloadable forms your customers can print out any materials they might need conveniently and quickly and you don’t need to worry about printing, envelopes and postage.

4. Reach your community

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By having a professional online presence you are no longer isolated and dependent on just your immediate area to support your business. With a website you join an emergent community of entrepreneurs and small businesses offering quality products and services to an ever expanding and eager new audience, customers and supporters.

5. Get acquainted with new customers and the community

By providing answers to common questions about your business directly on your website, you have the ability to entice your website visitors to learn more quickly and to buy your products sooner. Online contact forms can be used to allow customers to request more personalized information which give you the opportunity to create important relationships. You can also allow visitors to download current product lists, order forms and other important documents.

6. Gather Information and Generate Valuable Leads

With a website you can actually gather information about your website visitors and potential customers by providing online forms and surveys. In this way customers actually come to you and you are better able to target genuine customers who are seriously interested in what you have to sell.

7. Why you need my help

Having a website presence which comes across has highly professional, contemporary, attractive and easily update-able, means that you are able to give a good first impression to your future customers and a reason for your current customers to keep coming back. The customized WordPress websites that I create for small businesses get the best results for both my clients and their website visitors. With an attention to detail and an ability to understand what people are looking for online eliminates doubt, confusion and frustration for both you and your visitors.

8. Reasonably Price – Excellent Results

The cost for a new or redesigned informational WordPress website set-up is charge by hour and depending on how ready your content is, it can take just a few days to complete. Prices can vary depending on how available the content is (pre-prepared written material, logos and photos), and the complexity of the site. I will be happy to flow in ready content or help you to create new content, prepare photos and embed videos or other media. I am also availablel for the on-going maintenance and updates.


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