Websites That Make Connections Endure

I love working directly with my clients to create custom website designs that work. It’s amazing to see how a new website unfolds for someone who has never had a website before. It’s also rewarding to see the reaction of someone who has been limping along with an inadequate website for too long, seemingly surprised that so much information can be conveyed in such an effective way. It’s almost magical.

Dhyzen Creative Services

Dhyzen Creative Services

G+Marketing Support – Remote, Professional, Reliable

Are you a managing a small business, a doctor’s or lawyer’s office or running a small nonprofit with no time left over to think about your online image? Perhaps your website is a wreck and you don’t know how to fix it, or you have a Facebook page but you haven’t posted anything in months because you simply do not have the time. We offer remote, professional services to cover all these concerns and more, and we have openings for new clients. Just some of the services we offer:

  • WordPress setup & management, support, (self-hosted & WP hosted)
  • Blog Posts, Articles, Website Content, Copy Editing
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Online Image Management & Support (Yelp, Profession-Specific Sites, Online Reviews and Listings)
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Self-hosted Original Websites
  • Google Analytics Management & Reports

Most of our clients today are small scale marketing agencies representing dentists, physicians, lawyers and nonprofit organizations. These folks like to work with us because we are dependable, quick to respond, accurate and capable – and our fees are reasonable. We are currently taking new clients, so please check out the services we offer and drop us a note on the Contact page.

Marketing Strategy 101: Putting your brand forward

Marketing Strategy 101: Putting your brand forward

Beautiful young woman talking on mobile phoneThe type of online marketing that we manage for our clients is designed to facilitate authentic relationships between the business and their followers. As with any promotional strategy, strategic marketing brings together traditional advertising, updated branding, online and social media connections with promotional elements that are geared toward creating positive interaction with the community, which in turn, helps to build trust, demonstrates expertise and ultimately, brings in new customers/clients.One aspect of marketing that is important for small businesses to be mindful of is name recognition (or ‘branding’) and word of mouth referrals.

The science behind marketing says that it takes many encounters with a product, brand, or in this case; small business before a sense of recognition is established in a person’s mind. Putting name brand information into the hands and at the fingertips of customers is the only way to instigate this kind of lasting impression. Making sure the business name, address, phone number and website address is listed clearly on any printed material that might leave your business in the hands of a customer or client is a good, and time tested strategy to stick by. This includes any shopping bags, pamphlets, flyers, brochures and business cards – particularly important in the case where they might be shared with friends.

Free-standing signs have long been a most effective marketing tool as is routinely targeted mailings to repeat customers and local area residents. But more and more today the task of name brand recognition is accomplished online through interactive websites, strategically placed articles and on-going social media engagement; by engaging in an active Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Pinterest presence.

There is a growing array of options for expanding into the world of ‘instant’ digital marketing including online advertising (via your Facebook community for example), active and up-to-date search engine directories, business review sites (such as Yelp) and website contact forms that can, when carefully managed, help to drive new customers to your business.

Ultimatley, you don’t have to be in your 20s any more to appreciate smart phones, instant messaging, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter and other social media – elements that can also incorporate inexpensive communications tools that can be harnessed to support promotional efforts, expand public relations and provide patient education. Staying abreast of and managing all of these important elements of today’s marketing options can be mind boggling and time consuming to busy business owners, which is why Dhyzen Creative Services is there to provide the expertise and support clients have come to rely on, and trust.