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My clients including local nonprofits, small businesses, professional marketing agencies, museums, authors, medical clinics and more. I specialize in updating existing WP website sites by installing new themes and customizing WordPress website themes to create original, responsive designs that highlight my customer’s unique business and services. I also manage websites for busy professionals whether that means keeping the site updated, writing new content, integrating social media or simply installing new content as needed. Whether you’re looking for a website or updating an outdated site, my services are presented to you at a reasonable rate – what could be better than that?

New Super Affordable Websites

These are new sites for clients that qualify for a Super Affordable Website

For a limited time only we are offering Super Affordable Websites for small businesses that qualify. Contact me with ‘Super Affordable Website’ in the subject of your email and I will let you know how to qualify for a $555 website.

My Super Affordable Website offer works for people who provide a service and don’t need a lot of content to get the point across. This website building system is meant to be as quick and painless as possible. More elements can be added over time and we're always here to support upgrades, additions and changes.

These sites include: Customized WordPress Theme, Search Engine Optimization, High Quality Photos, Content Editing, Google Analytics-ready, Search Engine Submit, Social Media Account set-up (as needed for Facebook and Twitter), Blog/News coordinated to social media, and much more!

New Client Responses ...

"I’ve had a chance to check out website and FB from my phone. I love them so much!"

"I’m so excited! You’ve done a stellar job."

"It exceeds my expectations. Well done!"  ~ Cheryl Adcox, Doula

"I like it! Brings me into the 21st Century!"  ~ Michael Krickorian

Current and long-time client websites

Santa Rosa Orthopaedics

Summit Pain Alliance

Bend Health Guide

History Center


JB Advertising

Reidlinger Carpentry

Redmond Museum

Dhyzen Marketing

The goal of every organization’s online campaign is to transcend the web and enter the offline world to generate one-on-one relationships with new supporters, donors and clients.

The services offered by Dhyzen Digital Marketing helps small businesses get the exposure they crave, while making meaningful relationship in the community.