WordPress Rehab Offer

As a website designer, WordPress Rehab is one of my favorite things to do for clients. Often people come to me wondering how to improve their online presence without completely starting over. They may have a website that works fine, but lacks appeal. It may not have been updated or improved for years. And visitors may not be inspired to revisit after one brief landing – so they’re losing potential clients and customers. Or once on the website, visitors don’t seem inclined to poke around because information about services and products isn’t clear, is missing or is not easily accessible.

This is where rehab can be your best solution. Revitalizing an existing website without changing the basic structure (theme) is entirely possible in many situations, providing the theme isn’t too outdated. Most sites can be improved by simply updating the elements, adding new photos, changing page formats, adding color to an otherwise bland palette, and installing new plugins. Uninstalling old plugins and outdated software can also increase site performance – and most people just don’t know where to begin with that.

Also – many older sites are not up to date with search engine optimization; lacking keywords and phrases. Or they may not be getting search engine crawls because someone abused the keywords with bloat in an earlier effort. All of these things can easily be changed to improve a website’s performance.


WordPress Rehab ➞ Give your old WordPress site a makeover

Offering low-cost website rehab with Dhyzen’s WordPress Rehab Services.

WordPress Rehab won’t cost you a fortune. It will improve your appeal to visitors, create more return visitors and improve your search engine standing. What is involved in a rehab project?

  • The theme remains the same (although we can change the theme — it just involves more time and effort)
  • New content, new photos, edit existing content
  • Add new service pages as needed
  • New and updated elements to make your website appear to be fresh out of the box (HQ photos, plugins, etc.)
  • SEO – verify keywords and phrases and where there aren’t any, add them. Connect to Google console to encourage indexing and tracking. Create Bing Business page to enhance searchablility. Remove bloat as needed.
  • Connect to social accounts, assist with new accounts as necessary
  • Verify search and map results – aid in developing if needed

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