Dhyana at Dhyzen Creative Services

dhyzen digital marketing, local marketing support, reputation management expert, social media manager, central oregon digital marketingDhyana at Dhyzen Creative Services combines a background in journalism with a love for computers and a practical digital design sense to provide clients with content and products that not only promote unique services but makes life more fun.

Sometimes called ‘old as dirt’ by smart-alecky younger persons, the fact is that Dhyana has been around since well before the birth of the personal computer – so, old as digital dirt perhaps. Dhyana cut her digital design teeth on one of the first Apple’s on the market; no larger than a microwave oven. From there the spark for designing was born and she’s been creating websites and designing products at an ever-increasing capacity for small businesses, medical and legal professionals as well as nonprofit organizations ever since.

On the cusp of all things social media Dhyana was so excited when Facebook (finally) came out back in 2004 that she immediately opened half a dozen business pages (for clients, of course); an effort that eventually culminated in a clear understanding for what really makes social media marketing work, an initiative and knowledge born of experience that continues to serve clients today.

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