Another successful Super Affordable Website

St. Vincent de Paul Society


St. Vincent de Paul came to me seeking an affordable way to build a website that expressed their mission and priorities in the community. Their major concerns involved making sure that visitors could make donations as effortlessly as possible and that questions were answered in clear and concise ways.


The goal with this website was to create a design and navigation system that highlights the organization's core message while validating their expertise and the work they do in the community, both visually and with written content. As a struggling small nonprofit with a number of bumps in the road in their past, they wanted to get online in a big way and make a positive first impression with visitors.


Recent comments from agency volunteers (they are all volunteers) is extremely positive, so it appears we have accomplished our goals. The site is built to give visitors an instant impression of the organization's community involvement, clearly expressing needs and their founding ideals. It is clean, clear and easy to navigate - helping to ensure that visitors get to the content they're looking for without having to plow through a lot of fluff. Their major priority for getting new donations is already beginning to pay off, proving that those features are functioning as planned. Another happy customer using my Super Affordable Website offer.