Just out of the box: New WordPress Website Design Project

New WordPress Website Story

Dr. Jenny Holland, Psy, D. -- Overview of Website Design Project


Dr. Jenny Holland was referred to me by JB Communications. Her primary concerns involved her stagnant and old-school Wix website that literally turned new clients away. Upon investigation I discovered serious content issues, visibility problems and negative image impact due to how the content sorely misrepresented her professionally.


The goal with this new WordPress website design project was to completely demolish the old platform and start fresh with WordPress - to give her a more worthy persona and to redesign her online image as a professional and leader in her field. Hoping to make a smooth transition using the old content I quickly discovered that there really was no old content, so it was going to be a matter of starting from square one. Dr. Holland wanted to represented her practice and clearly describe her services but with a serious case of writer's block and no access to anything other than a phone, this task ended up on my desk.

In addition to re-marketing and rebranding her practice website we also needed to get her social media up-to-speed and setup some new platforms for reaching potential new clients. Of course integrating social media links and platforms, enhancing SEO on the website and making it easy for visitors to contact her was also at the top of the list. My goal included utilizing a news blog in order to bring attention to her practice and get people flowing to her website.


While this new WordPress website design project is still fresh out of the box, but analytics suggests that all of our tick marks are being hit even in just the first week. With having to generate, write, edit and design more than 15 new pages, plus add new news items -- this was not small undertaking. But the result speak for themselves. The website is visually attractive, easily navigable and all of the features are designed to make visitor experience more rewarding -- both for the visitor and for Dr. Holland.

In addition, I have worked above and beyond to give Dr. Holland the professional persona she was after, now it's up to her to carry the ball forward as new clients contact her for services. Early feedback from visitors suggests that the new searching capabilities and improved navigation provide a more enjoyable overall user experience.


This new WordPress website design project is by no means complete. There is still tons of work to do with Dr. Holland's social media presence and there will be much effort involved with marketing her services locally (Santa Rosa, California). There will also be ongoing work to the website content as we go forward, as I'm sure it will take time to fine-tune it to her services and practice model. But for now, this is a promising launch that looks to generate many new clients for Dr. Holland.