Why content creation and news is so important for your website

Why your website needs to be newsy

This bird has nothing to do with my article.
Do you have some news for me?

Good Relationships And Engagements

There are ways to connect with your website visitors by adding new content to your news feed (blog - a word I avoid for professional websites). By posing questions and asking for feedback at the end of the article - and leaving your news open to comments can help to create new and inspired communication with your audience. By responding to comments and feedback you not only develop a good rapport with with commenters, you also influence other visitors by highlighting your expertise and availability.

Reputation, Content Creation and News

With any business building trust and familiarity is paramount to gaining new clients, customers, supporters. Providing relevant, unique and high quality content aimed at addressing your audiences needs and concerns, on a regular basis, helps to do just that. Offering solutions in advance of a relationship, will also help to increase the customer conversion rates on your website. This in turn adds a competitive edge for you with other reputed companies in your field.

Maximizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone talks about search engine optimization, but few of my clients really know what that means. Ultimately it's all about fresh content (aka content creation and news). One of the best ways of rising to the top of the search engine results page is to commit to creating new content, at least weekly, if not bi-weekly. Search engines like Google love to see new content on your website, and this new content will provide support for improving your website rankings and drive much needed targeted traffic to your products and services.

Branding - What's it all about?

Branding is like a cool tattoo on the business of your life.

Adding weekly or bi-weekly news to your website is a good way of making your business stand out to your virtual online audience. It also provides a way for you to convey product or service details to people you might not otherwise be able to reach. When you commit to adding news on a regular basis, your website visitors become accustomed to visiting your site for news. Over time, these visitors naturally become more aware of your brand, and as the familiarity grows these folks are more likely to become your permanent customers.

Spread the word

One of the best things about adding weekly news articles every week, is that it automatically creates opportunities to share with your fans, followers, current clients, and others. The news that is uploaded to your website can be shared via emails, social media networks, Google news feeds, news wires, like-minded communities and more, which can help to make up your most valuable marketing tools. By sharing your news you build reputation and credibility.

You need News (content creation and news)

Weekly or bi-weekly news articles are one of the most effective forms of marketing strategy. It provides almost unlimited opportunity for positive exposure and give small businesses and practices the perfect opportunity to highlight and share their expertise. I hear from my clients that like many businesses they are much too busy to generate weekly or bi-weekly news. This is where I point them to the importance of hiring a good content writer who can create unique and engaging content. That's where I come in ... as part of my ongoing website maintenance program I offer weekly or bi-weekly news updates tailored to each client's expertise and specialty. To learn more visit my Content Creation page or use my contact form to send me a note describing your need.