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Whether you’re looking for original content for your business blog, or for a way to jazz up newsletters and press releases, or if you need help writing continuous fresh content for a website or social media feeds, you’ve come to the right place.

AI is a tool – and I mean that in a good way

AI is a tool – and I mean that in a good way

Using AI to enhance your writing results.

How AI Can Support Content Creation for Websites & Newsletters

In today's digital age, content creation is more important than ever before. With so much information available online, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd. That's where content creation comes in.

Content creation is the process of developing and producing content that is relevant, informative, and engaging. This content can take many forms, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and social media posts. We use content to encourage search engines to visit our websites, driving visitor traffic to businesses and services.

The importance of ongoing content generation

The goal of content creation is to attract new visitors to your website, engage existing customers, and build relationships with your target audience. When this is done well, content creation can help you achieve a number of marketing goals, including:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Boost sales
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Build trust and credibility

How AI can support your writing efforts

When using AI to generate content for your online marketing whether that is a newsletter, a social media post or content for your website, it is important to also have the skills of an editor, the curiosity of a researcher and the knowhow to combine these skills to improve the results. Content sourced from an AI means you're using artificial intelligence to generate text. Once the content is created, having a knowledge of grammar, spelling, and style is key to improving the quality of text provided by an AI prompt. As humans writing content we're also bringing to the table our life experiences, professional knowledge and personality - something that AI does not always convey.

Using AI to support your editorial skills can be very helpful. When a writer is in research mode AI content tools can be a good source for generating new ideas and text quickly, but that content may not always be high-quality text that is free of errors. A content editor can help to improve the quality of AI-generated text by checking for errors, verifying the details, making improvement in storylines and ensuring that the content is engaging for readers. In my practice, I have been using AI to generate a draft of text based on my own queries and ideas, and then I will edit and polish those results for readability and flow. Sometimes a large portion of AI content may be suited for a story I'm writing, while other times there may only be a paragraph or two that I'll include in my article. I combine AI content that meets my goals with my own content to make the results readable, engaging and informative.

Whether writing from scratch or using AI to support your content generation for articles and website content, content creation can still be a lot of work. Content creation is one of the most important tools in a digital marketer's toolbox, because a website without words is an SEO sinkhole. When done well, content creation can help you achieve a number of marketing goals. So if you're not already creating content for your website or newsletter using AI to assist, now is the time to start.

Need help with your content creation? Ready to launch a newsletter? I can help. Email me now to get started.

New clients receive this special discount!

New clients receive this special discount!

A limited time offer!

We are in business development mode! Our lucky new clients will receive this offer at the time of project completion. Are you interested in our services? Let's talk!

A limited time offer!

My marketing strategies are designed to reach real people in your own community in such a way that they are inspired to buy your products, invest in your services, participate in your events and take advantage of your offerings. What you get is real life marketing reaching real people which helps to expand your reach and build your community resulting in long lasting connections that will help grow your business.

Services are provided at your choosing and may include:

WordPress Website Design & Development
Website Maintenance and Improvements
Social Media Marketing Setup & Support
Newsletter creation and email marketing
News articles and new content for social media
Graphic Design (website graphics, headers, social posts, content improvement, newsletter support)
SEO baseline setup and ongoing improvements
Website & social tracking (analytics, etc.)

Contract Services may be provided in these sample formats:

On a monthly basis - 8 hours (or more)
On a weekly basis - 3-5 hours (or more)
On a daily basis - 1-2 hours (or more)

(Adjustments may be made to service hours as needed by client.)

Are you interested in our services? Let's talk!

Low-Cost WordPress Rehab Offer

Low-Cost WordPress Rehab Offer

As a website designer, WordPress Rehab is one of my favorite things to do for clients. Often people come to me wondering how to improve their online presence without completely starting over.

Pro Site Development for Less

Pro Site Development for Less

Super Affordable Website Offer

New super affordable websites for clients that qualify

Due to the popularity of this offer, Super Affordable Websites for small businesses is now open to all small businesses, nonprofits and healthcare professionals that qualify. Nonprofits qualify for additional $50 discount!

My Super Affordable Website offer works for people who provide a service and don’t need a lot of content to get the point across. This website design offer is meant to be as quick and painless as possible while providing the professional results you need. These sites are just as comprehensive as larger content-volume sites only on a smaller scale. They are created to highlight your services and products in ways that appeal to visitors, and satisfy your most immediate marketing challenges. More elements can be added over time and we're always here to support upgrades, additions and changes.

You are the owner of your site (via whatever host you choose) and you'll never have to wonder who the host company is or how to keep the site online and current years from now. My super affordable sites include: Customized WordPress Theme, as many pages as you need (around 12 providing you have the content - About, Services, Practice Descriptions, Contact, Locations, FAQs, News/Blog, etc.).

  • Applications as Needed
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • High Quality Photos
  • Content Editing & Some Content Creation
  • Google Analytics-ready
  • Search Engine Submission & Optimization
  • Security Ready (+SSL via Your Host)
  • Social Media Account(s) set-up (as needed for Facebook and Twitter)
  • Blog/News coordinated to publish to social media, and much more!

Contact me with ‘Super Affordable Website’ in the subject of your email and I will let you know how to qualify for an $700 website.

New Client Responses ...

"I’ve had a chance to check out the website and FB pages from my phone. I love them so much!" Dr. Jenny Holland PsyD

"I’m so excited! You’ve done a stellar job." ~ St. Vincent de Paul of Crook County

"It exceeds my expectations. Well done!" ~ Cheryl Adcox, Doula

"I like it! Brings me into the 21st Century!" ~ Michael Krickorian

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