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New Review from Our Clients

New Review from Our Clients

Supporting healthcare practitioners since 2017

"Dhyana can take a seed of an idea and make it blossom into a concise yet enticing bit of information or online marketing. She makes it look so effortless and is always timely in responding to me. I recommend Dhyana's services 100%!"
Amy Kowalski's massage therapy services are amazing! She is a person who is committed to providing healing services in the best possible way to all of her clients. You can find her online at: https://www.hawthorncenter.com/prov.../amy-kowalski-lmt-cht/
New clients receive this special discount!

New clients receive this special discount!

A limited time offer!

We are in business development mode! Our lucky new clients will receive this offer at the time of project completion. Are you interested in our services? Let's talk!

A limited time offer!

My marketing strategies are designed to reach real people in your own community in such a way that they are inspired to buy your products, invest in your services, participate in your events and take advantage of your offerings. What you get is real life marketing reaching real people which helps to expand your reach and build your community resulting in long lasting connections that will help grow your business.

Services are provided at your choosing and may include:

WordPress Website Design & Development
Website Maintenance and Improvements
Social Media Marketing Setup & Support
Newsletter creation and email marketing
News articles and new content for social media
Graphic Design (website graphics, headers, social posts, content improvement, newsletter support)
SEO baseline setup and ongoing improvements
Website & social tracking (analytics, etc.)

Contract Services may be provided in these sample formats:

On a monthly basis - 8 hours (or more)
On a weekly basis - 3-5 hours (or more)
On a daily basis - 1-2 hours (or more)

(Adjustments may be made to service hours as needed by client.)

Are you interested in our services? Let's talk!

Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Marketing for HealthCare Providers: With a small practice or clinic it is important to think about a target demographic. Consider who needs the healthcare services you provide, and where can you find and connect in meaningful ways.