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Websites That Make Connections Endure

I love working directly with my clients to create custom website designs that work. It’s amazing to see how a new website unfolds for someone who has never had a website before. It’s also rewarding to see the reaction of someone who has been limping along with an inadequate website for too long, seemingly surprised that so much information can be conveyed in such an effective way. It’s almost magical. Continue reading

Marketing Strategy 101: Putting your brand forward

The type of online marketing that we manage for our clients is designed to facilitate authentic relationships between the business and their followers. As with any promotional strategy, strategic marketing brings together traditional advertising, updated branding, online and social media connections with promotional elements that are geared toward creating positive interaction with the community, which... Continue reading

Another Super Affordable Website

Another successful Super Affordable Website

The goal with this website was to create a design and navigation system that highlights the organization's core message while validating their expertise and the work they do in the community, both visually and with written content. As a struggling small nonprofit with a number of bumps in the road in their past, they wanted to get online in a big way and make a positive first impression with visitors. Continue reading

Why content creation and news is so important for your website

There are ways to connect with your website visitors by adding new content to your news feed (blog - a word I avoid for professional websites). By posing questions and asking for feedback at the end of the article - and leaving your news open to comments can help to create new and inspired communication with your audience. By responding to comments and feedback you not only develop a good rapport with with commenters, you also influence other visitors by highlighting your expertise and availability. Continue reading

Just out of the box: New WordPress Website Design Project

The goal with this new WordPress website design project was to completely demolish the old platform and start fresh with WordPress - to give her a more worthy persona and to redesign her online image as a professional and leader in her field. Hoping to make a smooth transition using the old content I quickly discovered that there really was no old content, so it was going to be a matter of starting from square one. Dr. Holland wanted to represented her practice and clearly describe her services but with a serious case of writer's block and no access to anything other than a phone, this task ended up on my desk. Continue reading